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Pet portrait photography

I offer a bespoke pet portrait photography service for those who are not confident with a camera or who would rather have someone else take the photographs.

I will take a range of photographs from different angles, normally in an outdoor setting so there is a range of good quality images from which to choose.

Photography sessions are charged at £30 per hour (including travel).

What happens in a dog photography session?

I will drive to you or a mutually agreed location. A local park or dog-friendly walk is often good for dog portraits, although the familiarity of your own back garden can also work well. The location ideally needs to be a place where it is safe to let a dog off the lead so they are not restricted.

Photograph of Lily, cocker spanielI will bring a range of treats so please let me know if your dog has a favourite brand or type!

Please make sure you have some of your dog’s favourite toy(s) with you. If your dog loves chasing a ball or frisbee, then it’s a good idea to have them handy.


I will ask you to interact with your dog and hold out treats/toys, etc while I take the photographs.

What happens in a cat photography session?

I will drive to your house to take the photographs.

It can be difficult to encourage cats to stay still for a photograph so this may mean keeping them indoors (unless they are used to staying within the confines of your garden). Outdoor light is better for photography, but if we have to take the photographs indoors, we will try to find a place where there is lots of natural light.

Please make sure your cat’s favourite toys are nearby so we can use them on the day. I will ask you to interact with the cat while I take the photographs.

Please let me know if your  cat has any favourite treats and I will try to get hold of some to bring along!

What happens in a horse photography session?

I will drive to your yard/local stables and meet you.

Photograph of Thomas in his bridleIt’s helpful if you can think about whether you would like your horse to be wearing a bridle or collar or not before the photography session happens. If you would like your horse unadorned, we will need to photograph it in an enclosed field so that we can remove any collars/bridles.

Please let me know if your horse has a favourite treat and I will try bring some along with me.

I will ask you to interact with your horse while I take the photographs.

Please note that if you would like a photograph of the horse competing, it is best to use a professional horse photographer.

Pet portrait photography prices

I charge £30 an hour for my time for the photography session. Please note that this will include travel and I will need to allow about an hour for editing and post-production of the photos.

I live in Ipswich so I can travel to most places in east Anglia fairly easily.

About me

Please note that I am not a professional photographer. I have, however, taken many photographs of domestic and wild animals to use as the basis for paintings so I have developed an eye for what will work well when translated to paint!

Prefer to take the photos yourself?

That’s great! Please read my pet portrait photography tips to get the most out of your pet when you take the photos.

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