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Horse portraits

Horse portraits are a lovely way to pay tribute to our equine friends. Whether your horse is a regular prize winner or a beloved riding companion, a portrait is a great way to capture his or her character for posterity.

If you are interested in commissioning a horse portrait, please get in touch to book your place in my order book. If you are not sure what you want from the portrait, please do give me a call for an informal chat.

Take a look at the gallery below for my most recent horse portraits.

I use traditional oil painting techniques in my portraits. I find this brings out the richness and quality of colour better than other media.

These highly detailed paintings are carefully created from photographs supplied by clients. If you are not confident using a camera, I offer a pet portrait photography service for those living in east Anglia.

I prefer to work from digital photographs that are at least 2MB in size. This is so that I can zoom in to see all the details of your horse’s features clearly.

If you would like your horse photographed whilst he or she is competing, I recommend using a professional horse photographer.

Horses have a unique bone and muscle structure which makes them both challenging and rewarding to paint! Try to choose a pose that reflects the character of your horse, to make a portrait that will show off their grace and beauty.

Photograph Of Thomas In His Bridle

Horse photography tips

Horses can be tricky to photograph as they are often very independent-minded! Think about whether you would like your horse wearing a collar or bridle before you take the photograph. These can’t be edited out afterwards.

A three-quarter view with the head slightly turned makes an attractive and classic composition.

Next steps

If you are thinking of commissioning a horse painting, please see my price guide.

Please remember to allow at least four weeks before delivery/collection to allow the paint to dry.

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