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Cat portraits

Cat portraits are a lovely way to pay tribute to our feline friends. Some of the portrait requests I receive are of cats that are still very much part of the family; others are of a beloved pet that is no longer with us. 

If you are interested in commissioning a cat portrait, please get in touch to book your place in my order book. Alternatively please do just send me an email or phone me for an informal chat.

Take a look at the gallery below for my most recent cat paintings.

How does it work?

I work from photographs so as long as you have a good quality photo, I can create a portrait of your cat.

I use traditional oil painting techniques, which gives the paintings a lovely richness of colour and texture. 

It’s easy to commission a cat portrait. Simply complete the commission form and send me the photograph you would like me to work from. It’s also helpful to send a few extra photos so I can get a better idea of their character.

A deposit of just £20 secures your place in my order book. A payment of half the total balance is payable when the composition is agreed and the final payment is due upon completion.

Why commission a cat portrait?

Cat portraits are becoming increasingly popular. Some people want to pay tribute to a faithful companion or celebrate an important feline family member. Others have had portraits painted to remember a beloved cat who is no longer with us.

I particularly enjoy painting cats’ eyes because they have a special sort of intensity. Very often they contain stunning colours too. A portrait is a lovely and unique way to celebrate a pet.

Minx - Original Photograph

Cat photography tips

Cats can be particularly difficult to photograph as they are less easy to train than dogs, but with patience (and very often a bag of your cat’s favourite treats!) you can get some lovely photographs that can be turned into beautiful paintings.

Try getting down to your cat’s level, rather than taking photos from above and make sure the cat fills the frame in the photograph so that maximum detail is captured.


Read how others have reacted to their pet portrait.

Laura, has done two paintings of my dog Pepsi who was a miniature schnauzer. Sadly Pepsi had died earlier in the year and I wanted something to keep of her. I had the first portrait done for my daughter for her birthday and the second one for myself.
When I went to pick the portrait up, the moment I saw it I cried tears of joy. My daughter had the same reaction when she opened her present.
All of my friends think the portraits are amazing and I have had many "likes" on Facebook.
Laura has captured Pepsi's personality and spirit; it is almost as if she had met her. I  am so very pleased with both portraits. The detail is amazing, down to the quirky little bits of fur on the top of her head. I now have a lasting memory of my dog. Thank you Laura.

Laura skilfully guided me through the “trauma” of getting Marnie’s photo and then choosing the right one.  As she shared each days progress, her tremendous skill was revealed. She has produced a fantastic piece of art, capturing the essence of Marnie.  A portrait which will have pride of place and will be treasured, thank you.

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