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Other pet services

Our pets are an important part of our lives and I for one know that they can become a bit of an obsession, whether it’s photographing them, talking about their latest antics or buying them new toys or treats.

Dogs are a regular topic of conversation in my family gatherings as we compare notes about what our various furry family members have been getting up to – or what we have bought them!

As I have been doing a few events recently to promote my pet portraits, I thought I would add a few bits of information for various organisations that specialise in things for pets. Some of these I have met at events and some I am just aware of and think they may be of interest. I will add to this over time so please do keep popping back to see what’s new.

Kitsch collars: – I have bought Kitsch Collars made by Dolly for my greyhounds and lurchers for years. They are wonderful quality and she has some fabulous designs.

KocoKookie Kreations: – Handmade dog coats, blankets and bandanas. – the dog lover’s online directory. – Pet Products, Pet Information and Pet Services Directory

Dog Club – Internet Dog Directory – Everything for cat lovers!

Fine Arts Emporium – For Artists and Art Lovers

For my American visitors!
Tim Trott’s Florida Horse Page

Thanks also to the UK Business Directory for linking to this site.


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