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Four dog portraits

Mother’s Day offer

I am running a special offer in honour of all those lovely Mums out there. All orders for pet portraits made before Midnight on Mother’s Day (that’s Sunday 11th March if you can’t remember!) will be eligible for a TEN PER CENT DISCOUNT!

Why not treat your Mum to something truly special this year with a bespoke pet portrait? I will create a beautiful portrait of your Mum’s dog, cat or horse in oil paint, working from your photograph.

The offer

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page to order your portrait and remember to include the offer code MOTHERSDAY10 to claim your ten per cent off.


What happens next?

After you complete the form at the bottom of this page, I will be in touch to arrange payment and sort out the details, including how to choose a photograph.

I don’t like forms on websites, can I phone instead? 

Of course! Please feel free to call me on my mobile: 07534 424591. If I don’t pick up straight away, it is possible I’m in the middle of painting but if you leave a message I will call you back as soon as I am not covered in oil paint!

Can I have the painting before Mother’s Day?

It is unlikely that the painting will be dry enough to collect before Mother’s Day. It normally takes about three weeks before an oil painting is dry enough to be transported. However, I can send a gift card which you can give to your Mum on Mother’s Day and she can choose her own favourite photograph to be painted. This is a lovely option as your Mum will be involved throughout the development of the painting.

Can you arrange framing too?

I use a reputable local framer near to my house in Ipswich and will be happy to get a quotation and arrange framing for you if you wish.

I don’t want to buy a painting for my Mum… Can I still use the special offer?

Well… oh, go on then! You don’t have to be buying a portrait for your Mum to take advantage of the offer. Simply place your order before Midnight on Sunday 11th March and you will be eligible for a ten per cent discount!

How much is a painting?

The price guide is below. Remember that you will get ten per cent off these prices if you use the voucher code MOTHERSDAY10!

Mother’s Day offer form

What type of pet would you like to have painted for your loved one?


What size portrait would you like?

8 inches x 8 inches12 inches x 12 inches16 inches x 20 inches20 inches x 20 inches22 inches x 28 inches24 inches x 30 inches

Please insert voucher code here (if applicable).

Please confirm you are a human. Thank you.

Double Dog Portrait Of Chesta And Hunter
German Shepherd Dog Portrait In Oils
Strawberry Roan Horse Portrait
Chocolate Labrador Dog Portrait
Oil Painting Dog Portrait Of A Black Labradoodle
Double Dog Portrait Of Cockapoos
Border Collie Dog Portrait In Oils
Double Cat Portrait
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